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Having Problems Hearing WAOX?

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 12:04:56 CST

An FM Translator... a new radio sation is broadcasting at 105.3.on the FM dial. This radio station may be causing interference to Station WAOX, The Ox. If you are having problems picking up The Ox, we would like to hear from you.In some places, The Ox’s signal may be scratchy or noisy, where it used to be clear. In other places, The Ox’s signal might be scratchier or noisier than it used to be. In still other places, the new station’s signal might even completely replace The Ox’s signal or make it completely unlistenable.

If you are having problems picking up The Ox in one or more spots where you used to hear
us loud and clear, or if reception is poorer than it used to be, please let us know.
FCC Rules prohibit this new radio station from impairing reception of The Ox, but to get the FCC to do something, we’ll need listeners to complain. We’ve created a complaint form that you can use. You can download it from our website, WAOX Form, or from the website of TheOx’s sister stations, WSMI and WSMI-FM. After you have filled out and signed the form
(which you can do on your computer or smart phone), please mail it to us at WAOX Radio
Station, P.O. Box 10, Litchfield, Illinois 62056, or send it as an email attachment to
waox@waoxradio.com .

If you prefer to call in or email a complaint, please contact us at (618) 635-6000 or
waox@waoxradio.com .

If you can provide us with audio recordings of the type(s) of interference that you are
experiencing, that would be most helpful. Please mail them to us or send them as email
attachments to waox@waoxradio.com .


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